Spanish mortgage news 2016

Aug 05 2016

Spanish mortgage news 2016

Fixed Rates

In the past, banks have not offered very attractive fixed rates in Spain and the statistics for mortgages signed show that variable rates are still by far the most common type of rate. Clients from many countries are used to having attractive fixed rates to consider when taking mortgages. This has not been the case in Spain, but some banks are now promoting fixed rates and we have been offered some very attractive rates for our clients. Here is a summary of what fixed rates we can offer:

• Up to 10 years at 2.15%
• Up to 15 years at 2.50%
• Up to 25 years at 2.95%

Mortgage interest rates

Maximum borrowing
(lower of valuation or purchase price)

Exchange rates
• Euribor (-0.016%) + 1.25% – 2.5%
• Fiscal residents 80 %
• 1 Euro = 0.788 GBP
• Currently 1.25% to 2.5%
• Non-residents 70 %
• 1 Euro = 1.093 USD

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