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Property price index Spain
As is the case within other countries, the property market in Spain fluctuates periodically in line with the ups and downs of internal and external global factors.

Presented here are average property prices as a general guideline to assist in establishing possibilities available in that moment.

It is reasonable to expect prices to rise fractionally towards and throughout the summer and fall very slightly in the winter period. This can in some cases be due to the volume of visitors visiting Spain, demand it appears will dictate.

Bargains are to be had and by using the information provided, you may get a feel for just how much can be achievable

 when asking for a price reduction which could possibly be acceptable to the property seller.

It follows that larger properties such as villas with 5 or more bedrooms, located in much sought after areas, will carry a substantially higher asking price but everything is possible and to try for a price reduction is still valid.

To further assist in establishing the price of property in an area of your choice, simply locate one of our experienced Estate Agents by entering your area choice within the search field on the Home page. This will take you to the map whereby agents in that area can be located and through their local knowledge they will be in a better position to advise.

Enjoy your property search.

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