Aug 05 2016

Paramount Theme Park

The excitement grows as the Paramount Theme Park build appears to be about to get underway. This huge investment is set to bring fresh impetus and hope to Spain’s ailing economy with new building projects and good job prospects for many “trades” this should indeed put a new spring into everyone’s step. It is nice to have a little more “positivity” around instead of the constant doom and gloom one generally hears from the media every day.

• The plans for this amazing Paramount Theme Park which is to be based in Alhama, Murcia are well underway. With work on the theme park scheduled to begin early in 2012, the park is scheduled to open by Easter 2015.

• The theme park will create over 22,000 jobs and is expected to attract 2.7 million visitors in its first year.

• The theme park location is just 10 minutes from the Condado de Alhama resort, 30 minutes from Mar Menor and 40 minutes from Hacienda Riquelme.

• These three areas are recognised as being among the best-selling resorts in 2011 with the huge demand being due in part to the half price property bargains being offered by the banks, starting at €72,000 with 90% mortgages while stocks last.

• It is said that with sellers already struggling to meet clients’ property requirements, it is a great time to achieve a real bargain. With the new airport scheduled to be in service and the theme park development in place, there will be plenty of positive possibilities for entrepreneurs.

• This project will be a massive boost for the surrounding areas and would increase rental income significantly. It goes without saying that once the theme park progresses, the property prices at Alhama are likely to rise rapidly.

• This multi-national company’s choice of the region of Murcia, for their arrival in Europe with the construction of the largest theme park and entertainment destination in Spain, should be no surprise. With the great Spanish climate, it is all set to rival the Disneyland Paris complex with this great weather advantage.

• The project has the added value of a film studio that will centralize all the production in Europe of this giant of the film industry, said the Minister of Culture Murcia – Pedro Alberto Cruz – who, when he returned from Dubai, was the bearer of a letter from the executive vice president of the licensing division of Paramount, Michael Bartok, showing his interest in launching this project.

• Cruz said that the region of Murcia would become the entertainment centre of Spain with a complex of 2.5 square kilometres – equivalent to two thousand five hundred football fields – to create upwards of 22,000 jobs and increase the number of tourists by three million. The project will require 15,000 hotel rooms and the amount of investment will be known when formulating the master plan is complete.

• This theme park and movie studios will be measured against Disneyland Paris and not the other resorts already operating in Spain.

The mild climate in the Region of Murcia with 300 days of sunshine a year, its location in central Mediterranean Arc and the new international airport, along with the AVE line, are the factors that have influenced the decision.

Paramount Pictures is one of the major multi-nationals in the entertainment and film industry, along with Disney, Warner and Fox. According to Pedro Alberto Cruz, the U.S. multi-national wants to progress quickly.

Article by David Johns