Madrid the cultural hub of Europe

Jun 19 2015

Madrid the cultural hub of Europe

Madrid, the capital of Spain offers a wide array of attractions. It offers a perfect blend of art, traditions, culture, sports and a stunning night life. This destination is considered to be the cultural hub of Europe.

This city is visited by countless vacationers who come here to witness some of the spectacular attractions. These attractions are both man-made as well as natural attractions.

• Perched atop a plateau, this destination is nestled amidst Iberian Peninsula. With extreme climate challenging the will power of vacationers, the city offers a lot to people in terms of snowy winters or scorching summers. Despite extreme weather conditions, vacationers are unable to ignore this destination. Madrid is also famous for its vibrant art scene. Spectacular museums located in the city, house an impressive collection of erstwhile artifacts, paintings, sculptures and many more.

• Most of the museums line the famous Museum Mile of the city, also referred to as “Paseo Del Arte”. Excellent work not only from European Masters but also from renowned artists from other regions, is showcased in these museums. The art work is available from the Renaissance period.

• This city not only boasts as being a city for art lovers but also for its stunning natural locales. Well manicured lawns and beautifully landscaped parks and gardens offer a perfect setting to enjoy quality time with friends or family. In the evening time, people throng to these parks and enjoy a variety of activities.

• If one is thinking about visiting this beautiful destination, consider booking your flights. Before getting prejudiced about fares, find out about the wide array of services and amenities available in your flights. Many a time, discounts are also available. Premium cabin services are offered to visitors like extensive wine list, gourmet food, entertainment systems, good collection of music and movies, comfortable seats, enough leg space and much more.

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Article by David Johns