Hotel Industry: Costa de Sol

Oct 03 2014

Hotel Industry: Costa de Sol

The Hotel Industry: Costa del Sol should not rest on its laurels!

The Costa del Sol hotel industry should not rest on its laurels in respect of the better figures recorded for overnight stays in summer 2014. More ‘spend’ is required to put much needed money back into the local economy.

• With the Costa del Sol having just experienced the best summer period of tourism since records began, July and August were the prime months for Hotels, with visitor ‘overnighting’ figures accounting for 4.9 million along the coast (INE) …an improvement on the figures of 2013, which in itself proved to be a bumper year, with an agreeable increase of 2.2%.

• 614,268 tourists where registered as visiting the Costa del Sol this summer, not enough though to feel smug about. The Hotel industry have experienced a massive rise in the running costs associated with their trade of around 70% but visitor room letting charges have stayed relatively unchanged since 2008.

• Finding ways to prolong the business season within the tourist industry is a must. September this year looks to have been a lot better than was expected and October will hopefully follow suit.

Sales In Alicante Show Strong Recovery

Sales of homes in Spain had a rise of 5.3% in April 2014
In Alicante sales increased by 24.3%

• According to the Spanish National Statistics (INE) the April 2014 sales were up by 5.3% from the same month in 2013 reaching a grand total of 24,968 actual sales.

• Strong recovery has shown to be the case in Alicante. The sales in that province alone registered more than 6,600 with more than half of the sales being to non-domiciles.

• Costa Blanca being a top holiday destination bodes well for those buying property as an investment in the rental sector.

22 / 10 / 2014
Balearics Islands 2,193,677 tourists visited these beautiful islands:

Substantial foreign visitor growth to the Balearic Islands showed a 2.2% increase in 2014 from over the same period in 2013, these were the findings of a survey conducted by the Tourist Movement Frontera.

• It was good news for all regions of the Balearics which showed 18.7% of all international tourists visiting Spain, not withstanding Catalonia who were slightly ahead, favoured these islands over mainland Spain.

• August was a particularly good month, recording 2,193,677 tourists visiting the islands = 6.2% rise over the same month last year.

22 / 10 / 2014

Spain is reported to be the only advanced country within the EU showing leadership in respect of improved growth prospects for 2015.

• This is in spite of the recorded unemployment figures of 25% and public levels of debt of almost 100%. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this in part, is due to the support of external and high domestic demand. Add to this the very much improved financial conditions and rising confidence at last presenting itself within the country.

• 2015 forecasts 348,200 new jobs together with a reduction in the unemployment rate, this, according to the Popular Party (PP). The (IMF) predict a decrease in the unemployment rate to as much as 23.5%.