Gran Canaria

Mar 11 2016

Gran Canaria

With desert sand, mountains and tropical forests there is much to wonder about in respect of Gran Canaria, referred to as the small continent with it’s varied landscape and vegetation.

  • The mountain range soars to around 2,000 metres from the centre of the Island. Within this mountainous range you will appreciate the wonder of the canyons which appear to be cut out from their structure.
  • The differing landscapes offering visual splendour can not cease to enthuse. To add to this total experience, the wide sandy beaches are just right for enjoying a relaxing day and whilst relaxing you can’t help but admire the backdrop supplied by the mountains with their white snow caps, gleaming in the sun.

Tropical downpours are occasional in Gran Canaria but predominantly the sun shines invitingly.

Las  Palmas de Gran Canaria is this exciting Islands capital.