Good news: airlines breaking through

May 03 2013

Good news: airlines breaking through

With constant coverage of the world’s economic downturn, you could be forgiven for thinking that people don’t go on holiday anymore and instead just stay at home arguing over the last of the food supplies. Although, even though the media seems to focus on doom and gloom, it is interesting to learn that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people flying with commercial airlines.

Figures show that whilst other industries are still struggling, the airline industry has seen a 4% increase in February and a further 5.9% increase in March. These statistics were released by IATA who made a point of stating that “Although there is some upward bias on the year-on-year comparison from the Easter holiday – falling a month earlier in March 2013, the seasonally adjusted series confirms a continuation of the strong growth trend.

In fact …the industry as a whole seems to be going from strength to strength, since an apparent dive in 2009, resulting no doubt from the acknowledged economic downturn in 2008.

This is naturally great news for the tourism, property and travel industries as it shows that people are not being discouraged from travelling. It could easily be argued that now more than ever, people feel the need to seek out some “Rest and Recreation” in these times of hardship.

Article by David Johns