How do I access my dedicated business profile page?

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Here you will find helpful information on how to proceed

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  • First, Login to your dedicated account area to access your publishing details.
  • When logged in and have access to your dedicated account area, located in the NavBar you will find a Submit A List icon. By clicking this icon your dedicated business profile submission page will appear.
  • The fields to be completed within this section will reflect the package content purchased.
  • Once completed satisfactorily the content will, when published, be viewable to the public. The completion process of the package elements within this form are self explanatory.
  • Once you have populated the content fields with your business details and uploaded your images simply press the Save button. [/su_spoiler]

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  • From your stored images folder on your computer, select your required images as follows …
  • On an individual basis locate the cursor over the first image required and by pressing the mouse button, proceed to drag that image across to the image upload point as indicated on your dedicated business profile page form and by releasing the mouse button drop the image.
  • Once this first image has been placed successfully, action the remaining images using the same procedure to complete your remaining image uploads.
  • This same system is also used to upload your company logo / photo to the specified image point on your profile form.
  • When your images have been installed satisfactorily you will then press the upload button following which an  automatic email receipt will be generated and forwarded to your email address.


N. B. Site security notice:
There are occasions when image uploads may automatically be sent randomly to an image  approval queue for validation.  This authorisation procedure for images waiting to be published on YellowBrickRoadSpain may be in a queue for up to 24 hours. Once approved, your images will automatically be released for publication on your dedicated business profile page as your purchased package requires.

In order to maintain high site standards, uploaded inappropriate images and those of poor quality, will be removed.[/su_spoiler]