A quick look at Spain

May 20 2016

A quick look at Spain

For those thinking of investing or relocating to Spain, here are a few basic facts that may be of interest:

Covering an area of around 504,780 square kilometres with a population of approximately 40,341,462 out of which there are approximately 3.7 million foreigners residing. Spain is a vibrant country which has much to offer. Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is predominant, occupying around 85% of the area.

Did you know? …

The Euro is the currency but it was previously the peseta;

That the ‘Central European’ time zone is one hour behind GMT;

The Spanish economy is the 7th largest in the world.Spain, is separated from the African continent by the Strait of Gibraltar;

Divided into two distinct halves by the Cantabrian Mountains, the climates are quite different – to the North you will find it more rainy but on the southern half of the divide, sunny dry days are predominant;

With the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic and with mainland Spain as the centre piece, the set of three areas that make up Spain is completed.

Did you know? …

The vast Spanish coastline is the largest narcotics area for trafficking into Europe;

Ambling through central Spain is the Tajo river, …in the north-east you will find river Ebro …and located in the south the Guadalquivir river, making up the three the prime rivers spanning the country;

Did you know? …

The Spanish flag displays the exact replica of the original Coat of Arms worn by King Ferdanand;

Spain has a Parliamentary Monarchy;

The official language is Castilian Spanish, but dialects are common;

The religion is Roman Catholicism;

Spain has 61 airports with unpaved runways;

The dispute with U.K. over the Rock of Gibraltar and Olivenza with Portugal, dates back almost 200 years;

That Visas are not required for EU nationals residing in Spain for three months, but those from outside the EU do require a Visa;

Service interest information:

Business hours: Normal working hours for shops are from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. Shops usually close in the afternoon, however, larger businesses can stay open all day, especially Restaurants and bars. In the city of Madrid, such places stay closed throughout the August holidays.

Museum open hours: Hours vary according to seasons, but are generally closed on Mondays and public holidays, however often stay open on Sunday mornings.

Banks: Closed on Saturdays but open Monday to Friday from 9am until 1 pm mostly, but are open longer throughout the summer

Taxis: Taxis displaying the green light overhead are easily identifiable. tourists must take care to watch the meter. Expect to pay extra for late night journeys.

Tipping: This is not expected but they will accept a few coins if you are very pleased with their service.

National Holiday: The national day celebrated on 12th October, is significant as it is the date in 1492 when it is said that Columbus set sail over the oceans blue…and discovered America!