2016 Paramount Theme Park update

Aug 04 2016

2016 Paramount Theme Park update

It is looking increasingly unlikely that this potentially amazing tourist magnet for Spain will ever come to fruition as the protracted history to date is sadly less than encouraging.

The initial build was to be on plots previously owned by Polaris World construction company which was forced to seek bankruptcy protection when land jointly owned by a consortium of banks was taken as payment against debts.

Once this Polaris land had been thrown into the mixing pot it was followed by many, many months of negotiation on the purchase of this land. Eventually all parties concerned could not agree to the purchase price of the 3 million square metres cited, which ultimately resulted in the collective decision to search for a smaller plot.

In 2011 a new plot was located and agreed upon, the region of Murcia granted official tourist status. Sr Samper and his team were given an official 30 year licence for the Theme Park by Michael Bartok, Vice President of Paramount Licensing. Following which 1 billion euros was being sought to assist in the build of the Theme Park and Leisure facilities.

In 2013 the project appeared to get underway with the clearing of the land, contracts secured and road construction requirements discussions began with the local council.

In 2014 Financing for the project was still being sought. 18 billion Euros of EU funding has been applied for to enable construction to commence.

The death in 2015, at the age of 65 of Sr Samper president of the Theme Park promotion company and Real Mercia football club, had also been a further step backwards to achieving the hopes and dreams of all concerned in respect of this project.

In 2015 It became apparent that time was rapidly running out for the Paramount Park project with the anticipated opening scheduled for the end of 2016, appearing to be slipping away.

A much needed injection of billions of Euros again seems to be a constant stumbling block. Watch this space!

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Article by David Johns

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